Our Mission

We understand the business is only good when all the parties win, in this regard it is our aim to have this thought at the center of business decision. It is our goal to guarantee the safe consumption of our coffees, through strict quality controls in all of our facilities. We act responsibly and respectfully with the environment


At the epicenter of our principles is the concept of sustainability. We fully respect the state of law and social and cultural traditions in which we work, understanding that we must be competitive in terms of costs and logistics.


1940 Company Mercantil de Sola is founded in Guatemala. The main objective is to commercialize specialty coffees worldwide.

1973 Comercial Pamplona S.A. is founded with the objective to process agricultural products, specialty coffee.

1992 with a futuristic vision to establish alliances, the De Sola Group in El Salvador merged with the Cristiani Burkard Group, the Agrisal Group, Kriete Bro Co. and Industrias de Café to create the largest exporter in the country, Union de Exportadores (UNEX), S.A. de C.V.

1998 Unex S.A. de C.V buys Comercial Pamplona S.A. and Unex Guatemala S.A. is founded

2004 The shareholders composition is modified with the incorporation of Japanese participation, which gives a totally new perspective to the business.

2006 Unex S.A. de C.V is taken out of Unex Guatemala, S.A. Shareholders composition.


Itzamna Project

  • Improvement of coffee productivity
  • Self-sufficiency of foods
  • Conservation of Enviroment
  • Educational Center

Organic Compost

We are fully committed to sustainable projects for our coffee industry

We have destined one acre of our own land to the productin of organic compost and $90k investment in machinery.

Other Projects

  • Bridge Construction
  • Car for Orphanage
  • Drinking Water
  • Supply of medical utensil
  • Donation of Equipment
  • Water Tanks & Repair of roof
  • Health Centre
  • Computers for Schools



Guatemala, due to its unique Characteristics produces one of the best coffees in the world. A combination of 300 microclimates, a volcanic mountain chain, a rich soil in minerals and consistent rainfall patterns give our coffees an exceptional Character.

Guatemala, has approximately 270,000 hectareas planted with coffee, of which 98% is shade grown and 98% is washed Arabica.


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